My Story

072116-8I’m Chris Riddell, the brains behind Street Art Canada. Since 2012, I’ve been running my own freelance writing business called Riddell Writer. Check out my website if you want to know more, or if you know someone who needs a freelance writer. I do journalism, digital content, and copywriting mostly specializing in the techbiz niche.

I graduated from the Journalism, Print & Broadcast program at Humber College in 2005. A couple photography courses were included in the curriculum, so I have a solid foundation in the principles of photography. I may not have ever gotten a full-time job in the field, but at least those three years have not gone to waste!

Freelance writing is how I make my living, and since I’m not married I have time to travel and enjoy many hobbies. In addition to photography I also play a mean guitar, I’m French/English bilingual, and I’m a published poet. You could say I’m a bit of a renaissance man when it comes to creative things!

While I’ve done well as a freelance writer, I really want to be a photographer because I’m restless and adventurous by nature and photography requires you to explore the world and find interesting things, so the nature of the work fits with my need to explore new places and meet new people. It’s hard to make the transition, though, when I’m already so entrenched in one thing and don’t yet have any professional cred as a photographer. It’ll take time to develop a reputation as a photographer just like how it took years to develop a reputation as a writer, but it’s something I really love doing, and I have a lot of fun doing it, so I’m prepared to play the long game.

Street Art Canada is an idea I had for a long time as a way to showcase my photographic abilities when no media organizations will take me on. When I lived in Montreal I frequently Instagrammed impressive pieces of street art that I found around town and those posts always got the most likes and shares out of all the things that I posted, so it occurred to me that I could make street art photography an ongoing creative project. Now that I have a proper camera and not just my phone, I can take far better quality photos. With my Canon PowerShot, I can even take photos that are good enough to sell.

But as with writing, or any creative field, photography is highly competitive and hard to break into. Street Art Canada is my passion project, but with time it can hopefully become something more; maybe even a book if I build up enough material. At the very least, I can share my passion and see where it goes. It’s people like you, (yes, you who are reading this!), that make it all worthwhile. Stay tuned for more.