100416-30I’ve always loved street art, and I’ve always loved photography, so taking photos of street art is a hobby that I’ve always enjoyed. This website showcases all the best photos of street art from across my native country of Canada. It’s a work in progress, but I plan to eventually have photos of fantastic urban art pieces from every province. I live in Toronto, and I spent 3 years in Montreal, so for the first while you can expect to see only pics from those two cities. But believe me, there are A LOT of magnificent murals to be featured from just those two cities alone.

071816-1I also accept submissions from other people who have pictures of their own street art that they’d like to see on this site. Unfortunately, I can’t pay for submissions as I don’t make any money from this site (it’s strictly a passion project for now), so if you submit anything it will have to be pro bono. That being said, I will absolutely give you a photo credit if I run one of your pics.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Email Chris at riddellwriter@gmail.com